Hole 1

With its dogleg left and tree lined fairway, this par 4 hole is a great introduction to the Peaks Course and its bent grass tees, greens & fairways.  Notice the 75' trees that line both sides of the fairways.  From the dogleg in, you're out about 100 yards.  This hole is tight, so don't be too aggressive off the tee.

Hole 2

Don't get fooled by this Par 3. Despite its length, this hole offers up a challenge as you tee off over some beautiful wetlands. You don't want to be long, as there is little margin for error. Play it safe and aim for the front 1/3 of the green.

Hole 3

The first hole with serious yardage and the toughest one at the Peaks.  Time to break out the big stick and let it rip!  From the blue tees, it's a 180 yard carry over the wetlands and 200 to the fairway (if you hit it straight).  Note that the hole plays uphill and the fairway narrows at 100 yards.  Don't be too far right on your second shot, as you need the correct angle on your approach shot to put it on the green, which is tucked in to the right.   The green surrounds play right to left, so favor the right on your approach shot. Good luck!

Hole 4

With some elevation, wetlands, trees and bunkers, enjoy the view from the tee.  Hole #4 has plenty of challenge to test your mettle, as it's the second toughest hole on the course.  From the tee, note the trouble on the left (wetlands) and that the fairway does open up on the right.

Hole 5

With a dogleg right and tight tee shot, this Par 4 takes you through some exciting scenery.  Play it safe and don't try to cut the corner if you're playing the gold, blue or black tees.   It's a beautiful approach shot, but don't be long as this green is sloped from back to front.

Hole 6

With a dogleg left, over a deep ravine, it's one of the most scenic holes on the course.  Stay right on your drive, as you want to have a clear approach shot to the green.   The edge of the ravine to the pin is right at 100 yards, so hit your tee shot accordingly.

Hole 7

The longest hole on the course, so get the big stick back out.  Very few players can hit the green in two from the blue or black tees.  Play it safe and hit a nice second shot, staying to the right, before hitting your approach shot over the ravine and onto the green.

Hole 8

Hole #8 is a par three with little room for error, as it's the smallest green on the course.  Enjoy the scenery from the tee and hit your club, as the yardage is true (elevation changes and wind are non factors on this hole).

Hole 9

No time to relax now, this generous par 4 brings you back to the clubhouse, where you can tee up again for another set of 9.  Due to the elevation of the green, add a club length from the 140 to 170 range.